How is “Eyre” pronounced in “Jane Eyre?”

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Eyre in Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte’s famous novel, is correctly pronounced as if spelled air. It is frequently mispronounced ire, to rhyme with dire. The proper pronunciation of the heroine’s surname is indicated in Chapter XI of the book in the following dialogue between Jane Eyre and her pupil, little Adele wrens:
“And Mademoiselle—what is your name?”
“Eyre—Jane Eyre.”
“Aire? Bah! I cannot say it.”
Eyre occurs in the Hundred Rolls (Rotuli Hundredorum) of 1274 and is the Middle English form of Old French Heir, which was also pronounced air. Edward John Eyre (1815-1901), the English explorer and colonial governor, pronounced his name air, and Lake Eyre in South Australia, which was named after him, is pronounced in the same way. The old word tyre, meaning a circuit or a court of circuit judges, is also correctly pronounced air.

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