What queen reigned after death?

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Inez de Castro, wife of Dom Pedro, King of Portugal in the fourteenth Century, is often referred to as the Queen who “reigned after death.” She became the morganatic wife of Dom Pedro while he was heir to the throne. The Prince’s father, the King, seriously objected to the marriage. He feared the powerful Castro family; besides, Inez was believed to be of illegitimate birth. In 1355 Inez was stabbed to death supposedly at the instigation of the old King. The outraged Dom Pedro started a rebellion that did not subside until the Prince was given a large share in the government of Portugal. When the old King died in 1357 Dom Pedro succeeded to the throne. According to tradition, the new King had the body of his murdered wife exhumed, placed on a throne and crowned. All the nobles were compelled to pass and do obeisance to the dead Queen by kissing her withered hand. Then Inez, the “Queen who reigned after death,” was interred with great pomp in a beautiful sarcophagus of white marble. Shapur II, King of Persia from 310 to 370 A.D., was crowned before he was born. He was the posthumous son of Hormizd II, whose born sons were all killed or imprisoned by the nobles immediately after the old King’s death. The unborn child was then formally declared King as Shapur II.


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