What distinguishes a blond from a brunet?

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Blond and brunet are relative terms. It is impossible to draw a sharp distinction between them. Many persons have both blond and brunet characteristics. Generally in such a classification the complexion of the skin and the color of the hair and the eyes are taken into consideration. A blond is a person with light or pale skin, light hair and blue or gray eyes; a brunet is a person with dark or olive skin and brown or blackĀ hair and eyes.

Blond and brunet, both as adjectives and nouns, are still generally treated as French words. In that language blond and brunet are the masculine forms and blonde and brunette the feminine forms. When applied to men or to persons in general without reference to sex they are usually spelled blond and brunet; but when applied to women in parĀ­ticular they are usually spelled blonde and brunette.

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